International Coastal Revetment Products

specializes in Articulated Concrete Blocks (ACB) systems that provide erosion protection to soil exposed to the hydraulic forces of moving water. ACB systems are a matrix of individual concrete blocks placed closely together to form an erosion-resistant overlay with specific hydraulic performance characteristics. Because it is composed of individual units, the ACB system can conform to minor changes in the subgrade without loss of intimate contact.

The systems are easy to install, simple to produce and environmentally friendly. ACB systems are often used as an alternative to cast-in-place concrete bulkheads and slope paving, gabions, soil cement, roller compacted concrete, or rock riprap. ACBs can also be used as grid pavers.


  • Professional Design Team on Hand
  • Years of Experience
  • Installation Knowledge
  • Provide Turn Key Application
  • Low Cost Alternative
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Sales Support

ACB units are concrete block produced in accordance with Standard Specification for Materials and Manufacture of Articulating Concrete Block (ACB) Revetment Systems.

ASTM D 6684 (ref.1).

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